Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gambar DP BBM Lucu Terbaru Gan

Formula One Records Show Changes in Sport's History The changes and history of Formula One athletics area unit apparent after you explore the records that are recorded since the sport's origin. For example, microphone Thackwell, 19, holds the record because the youngest Formula One athletics driver. The 1980 Dutch car race was his initial Formula One race. At the opposite finish of the age record spectrum is Joseph Louis Barrow Chiron United Nations agency entered DP BBM Lucu the 1958 European nation car race at fifty eight years recent. A study of the oldest and youngest Formula One athletics competitors shows that each one of the oldest record holders entered races throughout the Fifties. nowadays the game is therefore physically difficult that drivers begin Formula One athletics at a younger age and retire by their mid-30s. Another modification in Formula One athletics is obvious within the statistics close the foremost wins in an exceedingly season. The record holder for the foremost wins in an exceedingly Formula One athletics season is archangel Schumacher with thirteen wins within the 2004 season. Schumacher additionally holds the foremost wins record for 2002, 2001, 2000, 1995 and 1994. His 1994 record was for winning eight of the sixteen races he entered which provides him a winning proportion of fifty In distinction, Alberto Ascari holds the Formula One athletics record for the very best proportion of wins in an exceedingly season. within the 1952 season Ascari Gambar Lucu won solely six races. Those six wins, however, earn him a winning proportion of seventy fifth for the Formula One athletics events that he entered. Of the highest 10 record holders for highest proportion of wins in an exceedingly Formula One athletics season, seven of these drivers won six or less races in an exceedingly season. All seven of these area unit for pre-1970 Formula One athletics seasons. The comparison of those statistics indicates a modification in Formula One athletics seasons. Early Formula One athletics drivers entered fewer races than drivers nowadays as a result of fewer car race were a part of the athletics season. Formula One athletics has continually relied on some extent system for crucial the title of World Champion at the top of a season. the purpose system has versed changes over the years which becomes most apparent within the statistics for the foremost championship points attained throughout a season. within the early years of Formula One athletics purposes were awarded solely to the highest 5 finishers and also the most purpose price was eight (with one bonus point awards for the quickest lap). in contrast, today's purpose system permits for a most of 10 points and points area unit awarded to the highest eight groups. The changes to the purpose systems, particularly once combined Gambar DP BBM Lucu with the enhanced range of car race per season area unit mirrored within the statistics for the drivers with the foremost points accumulated throughout a season. In tenth place for this record is Nigel Mansell with 108 points attained throughout the 1992 season. The remaining high 10 record holders have all been from Formula One athletics seasons since 2000.

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